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Midnight Spirit OF R Flag


Breed Tennessee Walking Horse
Gender Stallion
Color Pinto
Height 15.3 h
Age 5 years
Location Byron, MI
Listing Details

This beautiful RARE One-of-a-kind Chocolate Bay spotted stud colt will be 3 years old on July 4th, 2017. He has the personality of a gelding and is one of the sweetest and smartest foals we've raised with the potential to earn money and throw some fantastic colored foals as a stallion. There is only 2 strands of electric wire between him and our mare and he never attempts to go through. He is a perfect gentleman. We started him in a surcingle and bit and he acted like he's always worked in this equipment. We added a video of working him on July 14th, 2016 and September 25th, 2015 at 15 months old so you can see how well he works. He is already 15.3 Hands as are his Mother and full sister who are both 15.3 Hands and he'll be that tall if not taller. He is out of the same Homozygous Pinto Stallion that his full sister, a Blue Roan pinto filly is from 2011. That filly is being shown by her owners in North Carolina. All 3 generations on the Stallions papers has Blue Roans and Tobianos with Insignia's Rock & Roll, Go Boy's Insignia, Ebony Masterpiece, Melody's Go Boy, Pride of Midnight H.F. and Midnite Sun Glo O. as some of the prestigious names on his pedigree. Flag has already gone through 3 different color stages. He was born a grey color, then his baby coat was a tan and now he is a beautiful deep chocolate color with black in his mane and tail. He might have had black stockings if they weren't all white. He has a bit of roaning on the edges of his chocolate areas. He has loads of color behind him to throw as a stallion. This colt is amazing! He is not only gorgeous but his personality is the best we've had. It's a joy to work with him. He learned to park out after only 3 lessons and with just a slight touch on his shoulder he puts that foot forward. I only have to tell him to move over and he will step away immediately. He walks well beside us without crowding. He is so sweet. Nothing bothers him. Everything we do with him he takes in stride. He is very brave. We have worked with him from the day he was born. He was tied while he ate his grain, we brushed him from nose to tail. We cleaned and filed his hooves. We fly sprayed him and we ran clippers over his neck, ears, and body. So we have gotten him use to a lot of extra handling besides the normal leading and handling. He can be handled from top to bottom without him moving. He is being trained on a lunge line in a surcingle and parks out. He is great for vaccines and wormings, vets and farriers. The main photo was just taken in July 2016. It took awhile to figure out his coloring but we finally realized that he inherited a creme gene from his Mom who has a Creme/Palomino Mother and Grandmother who was out of two Gold parents! And that Stallion goes back to a Creme! There are many old time bloodlines also! Merry Boys F-88 is in his fifth generation along with Rogers Perfection, Midnight Secret and Merry Go Boy! Some of TWHs Foundation Sires!! And on his mothers side in the fourth generation is Cream Chance and Deserts Gold Wilson which is the gold and creme sires that are giving the dilution factor.