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Breed Palomino Horse Breed PHBA
Gender Gelding
Color Palomino
Height 15.1 h
Age 9 years
Location Bryan, TX
Listing Details

Wesley is a project horse that we obtained in March 2017 and restarted him from the ground up due to inconsistent training in his past that had left him anxious and pushy on the ground. Currently he is working on learning to jump (loves it sooo much and has been jumping up to 2'6" and Beginner Novice XC on his first outing) and we're working on his dressage at this time which should be Training level worthy within a month or so. Our aim is to start showing him GAG in January if not sold before then.

The focus for a long time with Wesley was to create a reliable horse that could do anything on the buckle so we could focus on working him from his seat and making sure he moved forward when asked. This cuddly teddy bear of a horse needed to learn to go forward and while he responsive, light, and happy to go forward with our retraining, he is definitely more whoa than go for those that are less confident.

We took him off site and cross country schooling for the first time the weekend after Thanksgiving 2017 and he thought he had gone to horsie Chuck E Cheese he was so happy. He quickly showed how well he could generalize our training to another location and was happily figuring out the basic cross country questions and even ended up being the lead horse to help another horse through obstacles. He is a really cool horse and is going to make an AA or youth a wonderful and gorgeous mount.

The work that needs to be finished on Wesley is that he needs some more miles seeing different jumps to expand his knowledge, finishing up his contact training, and building his fitness some more. He is a very willing participant and his "bad" things are more happy hops after jumps to celebrate how happy he is to be jumping (doesn't happen much) and the occasional scoot a few feet if he's vegged out while walking. All of his riding training has been under our trainer's supervision but carried out by an intermediate level rider that is learning about "formal" riding vs "ranch" riding and he's been a tolerant student as well as teacher as she learns to enter the world of eventing and dressage.

Wesley is solid on the ground and the first to greet you at the gate. He loves cookies, bath time, and being fussed over. No vices, no known soundness issues, and we've had him almost a year with perfect health. Super easy keeper and great in any herd or stall situation.

On the Cross Country Schooling video, skip to 38:00 for the green horses' first time off property with us (including Wesley).